Best choice:

             Parking Escuelas Pias (24 h) TF: (+34) 954 56 17 58  Calle Ponce de León nº 11ª  Sevilla

                           from 22,50 €/day (within low emission zone)

             Parking Mirador de Sta. Justa (24h) TF: (+34) 607 68 84 05 & 954 27 64 53 Avda. Kansas City 32, 41007.SEVILLA

                           from 8€ / day (on the edge of low emission zone)

Just in front of our building, for your convenience we have a private parking space bay, painted yellow on the ground where you can easily park during check in & check out; exclusively temporary use.

Aguilas5 SevillaSuites is located in the Historic Centre of Seville, as it is in many other cultural cities, the circulation is restricted, limited in certain hours of the day and the streets are not suitable for all kinds of vehicles.

For this reason, in addition that the price of parking is cheaper, the spaces are larger and there are electric chargers for vehicles, we kindly suggest you:

          Use the app/web parkimeter for the Parking INSUR “Mirador de Santa Justa” (from €8.00/24h), 

          and use taxis and applications Uber, Cabify, Free Now... for movements within the City, if it is needed.

Important Information: Whenever you use a public service vehicle with a driver, we suggest to you to keep the plate / license number, in case you have forgotten some of your personal belongings, it would be much easier to recover them. Our central location is well known. Ask the driver to take you to:

         Águilas5 SevillaSuites

         Address: Águilas 5, 41004 Seville (Spain)

        Closest point of interest: Plaza de la Alfalfa (there is a taxi stop fifty meters from there)

        Coordinates: N 37 23.395 W 5 59.362 / 37.390078, -5.989257



                                           An overview; parking options: