Additional specifications for Aguilas5 SevillaSuites

Commitment against coronavirus

Risk reduction by implemented system for individual ventilation within each suite (air conditioning for private use only)

Risk reduction by free natural ventilation in common areas.

Risk reduction by no physical keys or cards to access.

Risk reducing by reduced number of residents.

Risk reducing by absence of carpets or rugs, common areas and Suites are designed with floor in marble and natural materials.

Location very accessible by emergency services, ambulances, taxis, etc. and close to Hospitals if further assistance is required

Risk reduced by absence of food and beverage, activities in groups.

Housekeeping service will be voluntarily suspended during stay of guests maximizing health and safety of guest and staff alike.



Operational considerations for COVID-19


There is a protocol to monitor and implement international and local public health authorities’ guidelines.

A risk assessment has been carried out to identify measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19 infection.

There is an action plan that includes all measure identified by the risk assessment to ensure that all hotel staff is ready and know their roles in keeping the hotel guests safe.

The implementation of the action plan is monitored and reviewed to include latest international and local guidance.

Log books are extensively used to record correct implementation of measures identified in the action plan.

Staff, guests and suppliers are informed via available information outlets of the hotel COVID 19 policies and measures.

Staff, contractors and suppliers are assessed on their body temperature and symptoms prior to them starting work (ideally before the person enters the facility).

Pictograms are prominently displayed throughout the premise to remind guests and staff of good hygiene practice (hand-washing technique, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette).*

Staff has been trained on procedures to follow if they feel unwell (stay at home, seek medical assistance and return to work only after symptoms have disappeared).

There is a tracing system in place (for staff, guests and suppliers).

Contractors and suppliers have been assessed to ensure they follow COVID 19 protocols of good hygiene and social distancing as locally regulated.

Reception and concierge

Guests, upon arrival, are provided with the most recent list of contact information to use if they feel unwell.

There is a self-based check-in system

The reception desk and concierge staff are trained to provide guests with detailed information on hotel hygiene and social distancing protocols and provide guidance to guests with COVID 19 symptoms.

Reception area, lobby and other public areas have been redesigned to ensure social distancing is maintained.

If social distancing cannot be ensured, adequate PPE is used by hotel staff at reception and lobby area (this include face masks).

Sufficient PPE, medical kits and hand sanitizers are available at reception desk for guests.

When guests check in, reception staff reminds them on social distance measures, hand hygiene measures and breathing etiquette.

Suites Access control system are disinfected after guests check out, and regularly.

Guests with respiratory symptoms will be advised to stay in their Suites until they are seen by a doctor o driven to the Hospital.


Technical and maintenance services

Appliances are routinely checked to ensure cycles function adequately.

HVAC (heater, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are routinely checked.

Sanitizer dispensers are available and are frequently refilled.

Soap, hot water, and toilette papers are always available.


Cleaning and disinfection frequency of high frequency touch points is enhanced in public areas.

Protocols exist on cleaning and disinfection procedures in the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID 19 case.

Cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms follows a specific protocol with particular attention to high frequency touch points (door knobs, remote control, safe, switches, kettle, etc).

Dirty linen is collected separately to avoid contamination.

Emergencies in Spain:

Call 112 (no area code needed)

Private Care assistance:

Clínica Santa Isabel  954 91 90 00